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Cure Acne Scars by Applying Onion Extract

Onion is the important flavor provider in some of your most loved dishes. But, did you ever consider using it topically to deal with your acne? Quite possibly, you are frowning at the very thought of it. Sure, it can make you cry and isn’t a pleasant smelling thing to use on your face, but you’re likely to dismiss that downside, once you realize that it is really great at dealing with acne scars. Now that you’re keen on understanding that secret formula, why don’t we get into the specifics:

Exactly what are the positive features of onion helping your skin? It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities which have assisted in treating some internal conditions. From simple things like fixing your appetite, to lowering the chance of colon cancer, onion has outstanding medicinal qualities. Onion extract is proven to provide great results in treating scar tissue and also affects collagen production. However, before you begin to deal with your acne scars, ensure your acne is under control. There are numerous methods to take control of your acne, be it applying topical creams or taking on an acne diet. Managing from inside out is always better.

Acne scars usually appear in two forms – elevated over the skin, and depressed, i.e. saucer-shaped. They form when harmed skin layers underneath the epidermis, i see this page.e. the outermost skin layer, result in the production of excessive collagen fibers, which consequently, disrupt the skin pattern and show as scars. Onion extract handles collagen production and is especially beneficial in clearing keloid scars – a kind of scar brought on by collagen buildup over acne, resulting in a raised area. Simultaneously, onion extract boosts collagen production when applied on depressed scars, making the skin more resistant and lowering the depth of the saucer-like scars.

An onion mask efficiently cures your acne scars. Grind one peeled medium-sized onion in your blender to make a paste, and blend it with 3 tablespoons of oatmeal which is already softened by pouring boiling water over it and keeping aside for 5 minutes. Ensure that the oatmeal is still warm. You might also add honey if it’s not thick enough. Use it on your face, leave for five minutes and rinse with warm water. This mixture will remain fresh for a week in your refrigerator. Additionally, mix a tablespoon each of onion juice, carrot juice and olive oil with the yolk of one egg. Utilize the mix on your face and rinse after 20 minutes. It provides an apparent toning effect.

The dark acne marks left behind by pimples ultimately fade, but they’re also very likely to turn out to be stubborn scars. You have to remember that squeezing or picking your pimples boosts the risks of scarring. Acne scar treatment depends upon the extent of your scars. Serious scars might require the involvement of a dermatologist, who may recommend remedies, which range from the basic chemical peel to the pricey and complicated laser resurfacing. So, in order to take a wise approach, you need to realize that acne is chronic, starting at puberty and continuing into adulthood. No matter what natural acne remedies you try using, ensure that you’re dedicated and consistent.