Adult Acne

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adult acne

Adult acne can be challenging to heal.
Acne which shows up the very first time needs to be analyzed and taken care of by a dermatologist.

What is acne ?

No matter what age, acne is a disease of the skin oil glands. These kinds of glands are connected to follicles of hair and create an oily material known as sebum. An acne sore creates whenever a hair follicle gets plugged with sebum and dead cells. The pathogenic situations in the skin oil glands are considered to be due in great degree to changes in levels of androgenic hormones in the body-a circumstance typically connected with the development and growth among the ages of twelve and twenty one.

Adult acne which shows 25 to 30 years old may occur for these reasons:
  1. Recurrence of acne that cleared up after adolescence
  2. Flare-up of acne after a period of relative quiet-for example, during pregnancy
  3. Occurs for the first time in a person who had never previously had acne.

Adult acne which appears the very first time ought to be analyzed by a skin doctor who is able to investigate the main cause.

Some causes of adult acne are:
  1. Medication. Several medications that may cause acne consist of anabolic steroids (often used illegally by sportsmen), a few anti-epileptic drugs, the anti-tuberculosis drugs such as isoniazid and rifampin, lithium and iodine-containing.
  2. Constant physical pressure on the skin. Chafing from the shoulder straps of a backpack or tucking a violin among the jaw bone and chin may cause a medical condition called acne mechanica.
  3. Chlorinated industrial chemicals. These can cause the occupational skin problem generally known as chloracne.
  4. Metabolic conditions. Modifications to the hormone balance, such as those caused by pregnancy, menstruation or hormonal imbalance can cause acne.


Also, it is essential to realize that some skin lesions which show up to be acne are not acne by any means. One skin problem that looks like acne is folliculitis, which happens when the follicles of hair get infected and inflamed. Folliculitis needs different remedy than acne.
Adult acne that develops can be hard to cure if there are several recurrences. Some people with serious recurrent acne have undergone repeated types of procedures with the powerful systemic drug isotretinoin.

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Adult Acne

Acne breakouts are usually considered to be a teenage problem, and while it is a fact that acne appears in most cases over the teen years, it is probably just as true that there are a increasing number of people who suffer from adult acne. Adults in their twenties, all the way up to their fifties can still experience acne flare-ups.

Adult acne could have just as many undesirable effects on a person as teenage acne. Perhaps even more so, since the stress of career and family increases the tension of living by having an unpleasant skin problem.

Psychological stress generally is one of the main factors that cause acne in adults. It’s not at all a surprise at all that women are generally more likely to have problems with adult acne compared to men, because it is proven that women have much more emotional stress in their everyday life, not forgetting that they are more prone to hormonal changes, particularly during times like their menstrual period or pregnancy. Just as for teenagers, hormones play a significant role in the development and flare-up of adult acne.

The surrounding factors like individual’s living environment, combined together with the person’s lifestyle can also play an important role in the appearance of adult acne. An unbalanced diet plan or habits like smoking or drinking alcohol influence the skin’s condition and ability to resist acne, together with other diseases.

Prevention is definitely the only clear way to go while confronting adult acne. The right diet, followed by plenty of drinking water and rest is an excellent start. Attempting to eliminate stress and keeping proper skin care and hygiene can also help to prevent yourself from acne flare-ups.

But how about the acne breakouts that you might already have? There are many different treatment methods available for people who have adult acne.

Specific cosmetic products, anti-acne medications, or even laser surgery are only a few of the many treatments for acne available today. Visiting a professional dermatologist or doctor is definitely the best way to find out how severe your acne actually is and to find the proper treatment for your case.

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8 Causes of Adult Acne

Adult acne in many cases are just like they were around the teenager years if they had acne as teens. But, for grown ups who didn’t have acne before, there may be completely new causes of why they’ve right now developed acne.

Even though the actual reasons for adult acne are arguable, it is well known that hormone imbalances may lead to the adult acne. For this reason a lot of women experiencing adult acne notice a difference in their acne close to the time of their menstrual period.
Although hormones are a huge reason for the start of adult acne, there are many of some other reasons too. Allow me to share 8 major reasons of adult acne.

1. The Poorly Understood Cause of Most Teenage and Adult Acne
The majority of dermatologists concentrate solely on the skin whenever they discuss the reasons for teenage and adult acne. They focus on just how dry cells blend with sebum, and causing blockages or plugs in the pores. These plugs result in sebum build-up, and bacterial infections usually.
Even though there is truth to this answer. Misunderstanding about much deeper reasons for teenage and adult acne sadly leads to acne treatments failing.
The reason for acne is basically toxins and wastes that develop in the body that can’t be successfully removed. Your body has a few “natural” techniques for eliminate all these toxins, through the liver, kidneys, colon, small intestine, and other body organs. However, if any of those organs are fragile and cannot deal with the strain or if the buildup is too rapid acne may result.
Your body need to eliminate the toxins. So a final effort is to get rid of the unwelcome toxins out through the skin pores.

2. Adult Acne and Menstruation
Quite often, a ladies adult acne will revolve about her menstrual period and pimples will build up a couple of days before the start of period.
The true reason for this is that during these times, a female’s levels of estrogen are decreasing while her progesterone levels start to rise. This makes the skin oil glands create much more oil, which may result in the start of pimples.

3. Adult Acne and Pregnancy
It is extremely typical to have adult acne during pregnancy. Women experience a lot of hormonal changes while being pregnant.
Acne is usually is most severe at first 3 months, when hormones are changing all around the map. But, it is possible for acne to continue the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding time.
Thankfully, the majority of women that are pregnant will return to their pre-pregnancy skin eventually.

4. Adult Acne and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease, is probably the most frequently misdiagnosed problems in females. The situation influences 6 to 10 % off women. Numerous women don’t have any idea they have it!
Irregular or missing menstruation is one of typical signal of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, acne is usually present with this condition.
Most women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with hormone imbalances. As soon as these hormone fluctuations are cured, the acne usually eliminates itself.

5. Adult Acne and Menopause
Adult acne can show up in postmenopausal women, too.
While it isn’t typical, it’s not impossible to experience the start of acne during 40’s, 50’s and beyond. As soon as acne builds up at this time it’s often gentle, but it may still be a factor in shame and irritation.

6. Adult Acne and Medication
Studies have shown that medications may cause adult acne. Such as anabolic steroids, medications which contain lithium and iodine, isoniazid and rifampin, anti-epileptic.

7. Adult Acne and Chemicals
Chlorinated can certainly create skin condition known as chloracne, which can be rash that is actually caused by contact with chlorinated industrial chemicals or herbicides.

8. Adult Acne and Physical Pressure or Friction
Lastly, adult acne may be a result of certain kinds of chronic physical pressure to the skin, for example the keeping a violin under the jaw and chin, or the chafing from the straps of a backpack. This kind of acne is termed acne mechanica.