Laser therapy for acne without side effects

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 Laser therapy for acne without side effects

Laser therapy definitely seems to be an excellent remedy for acne without having side effects. Laser therapy and light-based systems turned out to be one of the most popular methods to deal with a wide number of skin problems, such as acne vulgaris, in the past 10 years.

Many people usually do not react adequately or develop negative effects with a variety of oral antibiotics and typical treatment options available for acne remedy. Now there is growing need by patients who experienced acne for a quicker, less dangerous, and side-effect-free new treatment – laser therapy.

The Dermatology and Lasers Clinic from Tel Aviv Msq, Caesarea, Israel, studied this situation in order to address the function of light treatment in the armamentarium of treating acne vulgaris, to talk about photobiology factors and biomedical optics, to analyze present systems of laser/light-based devices, to check the clinical expertise and final results, and to summarize clinical suggestions and treatment considerations.

After having a number of clinical studies, final results reveal that 85 % of the sufferers show an essential decrease in a minimum of 50 %  right after four biweekly remedies. Around 20 % of situations show that acne elimination may achieve 90 %. 3 months right after the last laser therapy, clearance is around 70 % to 80 %. In the mean time, the non-respondent rate is 15 % to 20 %.

Depending on research workers, laser therapy and light-based treatments are a secure and efficient method for treating minor to average inflammatory acne vulgaris. Light treatment gives you quicker resolution and much less side effects and leads to patient pleasure comparing with outcomes of oral antibiotics.

Hi, everybody! I was always curious about health issues, so I started doing my own little researches. I want to share what I learned with you guys. Hope you'll like it!

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