How To Remove Blackheads (Whiteheads) with Comedo Extractor

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 Remove Blackheads with Comedo Extractor



Before the start. It is highly advised that you should additionally consult your dermatologist for proper use of these good quality tools. However, here we can give you simple technique to work with comedone extractor. Whenever you visit a beauty therapist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, always choose to bring your very own tools along with you to prevent yourself from blood born microbe infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV.

Definition. Blackheads are not caused by dirt, sweat and poor hygiene (that is a delusion that people spread) but are brought on by the formation of a plug in pores as a result of abnormal skin cell growth which in turn gets oxidized by natural light and turns black. Go along with these guidelines concerning how to work with a comedo extractor to finally be free from unsightly, irritating blackheads and whiteheads without scarring or bleeding. If you’ve decided to remove blackheads on your own – do it professionally, purchase comedo extractor if your blackheads mainly reside around or on your nose. Or you might buy blackhead removal strips containing adhesive which will pull the blackheads out of your pores, along with any kind of existing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that reside in the same area.

Firstly, place your face over the steam and a soft towel over your head. The towel will form a tent to maintain the steam close to your face. Maintain your facial area above the steam for 4 to 8 mins. Typically, 4 minutes is sufficient to loosen up all the matter clogging your pores.

Secondly, wash your hands hands really well before the procedure and soak the comedo extractor in isopropyl alcohol for one minute. This will sterilize it.

Thirdly, place the looped side of the extractor on top of the blackhead – essentially encircling this area using the loop. Use slow-moving and even pressure to remove blackheads until the stuck sebum is forced out of the follicle. The blackhead – oil and all – is going to ooze up and out of the pore. Do not continue to effort the extraction in case the trapped sebum is not released easily. Using too much pressure could cause infection and scarring. When piercing a whitehead with lancet (Pointed end), wait until the whitehead breaks wide open, then softly rotate the tool over the whitehead. Make sure to sterilize the area when finished and clean up your tool off with alcohol or boiling water. A deep, cystic pimple mustn’t be opened with the lancet. When dealing with deep acne, it’s best to visit a dermatologist. A doctor may use a sterile needle, but only after a pustule has formed. Additional treatments depend on the severity of the acne.

Finally, apply a small amount of astringent to the affected areas. This will keep your new-opened pores free of bacteria.

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Remember!! Never use fingers or suction guns to remove blackheads, that may aggravate skin infections. Repeat this procedure weekly to monthly basis depending on your skin type. Getting rid of blackheads a never-ending job, so be patient.


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