DIY Acne Drying Lotion

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Many people know Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It is extremely common acne treatment. Most people have no idea that it is absolutely simple to make acne drying lotion yourself. When you check out the components in the acne drying lotion and compare them to calamine lotion you will find the ingredients are close to the exact same. The top difference in the components is that acne drying lotion consists of isopropyl alcohol. You got that right, plain and simple old rubbing alcohol. You can even use your favored astringent/toner but there is recommended to use alcohol because it is exactly what is used in the original.

What you’ll need:Clear Bottle

  • Rubbing alcohol (70% or higher).
  • Clear Bottle .
  • Calamine lotion.

Put it together:

  • Use a clear jar or bottle simply because you will need to look at where the liquids separate when will use the drying lotion.
  • Shake the jar or bottle of Calamine lotion properly and fill up empty bottle to about 3/4’s complete generic viagra online.
  • Then, fill the rest of the bottle or jar with rubbing alcohol.
  • Let the mixture separate.
  • Now it’s ready to use.

Make use of an extraction tool just before using the acne drying lotion. You can also use a warm compress or clean cloth before attempting to extract. The zit really should have come to a head by now. If it hasn’t come to a head you can’t use the extraction tool yet. Once you make use of the extraction tool you’re ready to use the acne drying lotion. Dip a cotton swab into the bottle or jar until the tip of the cotton wool swab touches the the top of pink layer. And then simply dot your pimples with the swab. If you need to repeat it, do the whole procedure the following night. Right after the first night you should notice a huge decline in the size of the zit. Second morning the pimple is completely gone with a small mark left.

Acne drying lotion may be the quickest treatment of getting rid of acne with least risk of skin damage. However if you find there is scars use some kind of Vitamin C lotion on the area. Vitamin C is an excellent element for evening skin tone it helps minimize dark spots.


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