Acne Treatment – Water

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Drink Water And Treat Your Acne

Most significant things which can be done in case you have acne is to simply consume sufficient amount of water. You have to remove the toxins and cleanse your the flow of blood.

Generally speaking, you’re have to consume 50% of the body weight in ounces of water every day. In case you are live in a warm weather or maybe your exercising, then you must be consuming 60% of the body weight in ounces.

Let’s imagine you weigh 150 pounds, you need to be consuming 75 ounces daily. For anyone who is 100 pounds, they should consume 50 ounces everyday. Which means that simply divide the body weight in half and consume that much in ounces daily.

tap-waterTap Water

The next matter is tap water. It is really suggested to not drink it. To tell the truth, it will be much better if you don’t shower or especially clean the face with it because it can trigger acne. What is suggest: purified or spring water.

The trouble is that tap water is probably the most easily available drinking water.

4 Things About Tap Water
  1. Tap water consists of sodium fluoride. Ant it is an answer why it is suggested not to consume tap water for those who have acne breakouts. It is a toxic chemical which isn’t very good to the body.
  2. Tap water has chlorine.
  3.  In tap water usually you can find remnants of metals like iron.
  4. The final thing and doubtless the scariest thing about tap water apart from fluoride is remnants of pharmaceutical drugs.

Wit all these thing you can harm your liver, your colon, your adrenal glands, limb systems, circulation, heart, lungs which can show in form of acne.

Purified Water

You can find several types of purified water, and the high quality ones costs more than a 1000 dollars however, over your life time that water purifier is worth the cost. You receive top quality water each day and you are not getting toxin into your entire body. Which means that you will get rid of acne !

Spring Water

You can get spring water in gallons. The only issue if you purchase water gallons is that it’s in the plastic. The plastic material includes known as PVA – a chemical which gets in water. Which means that even if you are consuming filtered water out of plastic, you are getting PVA into your body. So it’s better to drink water in a glass.

This will help your wellbeing and make your feel much better and be healthy with beautiful skin. You will notice your skin clear up with sufficient drinking water consumption. And you will forget that you had acne !

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