Acne Treatment with Calendula

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Acne Treatment with Calendula

Acne treatment with calendula can be the solution for everyone who are sick of scrubbing and rubbing skin or making use of toxic irritant compounds while dealing with acne breakouts. Calendula can be perfect almost for everyone who is trying to find something to cure the damages caused by the chemical products and handle acne.

About Calendula

Calendula is a garden marigold – an ornamental plant found virtually around the planet. Perhaps even in your own garden! Calendula probably is the one of best natural acne treatment options. Researches present the benefits of calendula on inflammation related skin disorders.

Benefits of Calendula

Look through the reviews about calendula and you’ll find out that this plant contain many nutrients and vitamins which improve metabolic processes in the skin and give healing properties. Examples of elements are: flavonol, calendic acid, sterols, tocopherols, triterpene glycosides and mucilage. For example, tocopherol is a kind of vitamin E and has antioxidant properties and mucilage provides sedative actions.

Calendula also contain narcissi and rutin. These compounds helps in regeneration of glutathione an antioxidant, which stops inflammatory reactions caused by the sun’s UV rays. Calendula also contains carotene, iodine and manganese. These elements stimulate regeneration of the cells What’s more, calendula can contribute to the production of collagen thus stimulate natural skin restoration and force the healing of  acne flare ups.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of calendula is essential in acne treatment. Studies showed that it has antimicrobial elements that stop the development of bacterial strains, while its antibacterial properties destroy the bacteria clogged in the skin pores. Also calendula destroys the staph and step bacteria that is responsible to impetigo. Impetigo appears when you manage acne roughly ( scrubbing, popping out pimples, using harsh soaps or simple rubbing). Applied on an affected area lotions of calendula increases collagen production. And collagen improves blood circulation, restores moisture, improves the skin elasticity and stimulates immune function.

Use of Calendula

Usually calendula is used for the external applications. But conservative applications demonstrates it can be used internally.Taken internally, it is believed to cure fever and cancer. Extracts and tinctures made from the flower petals can be used to alleviate irritated skin. The extract of calendula comes in different concentrations, for example 2 % or 5 %.  As for homeopathic treatment, calendula is smashed to a pulp form to render the juice, which can be combined with alcohol, carrier-oil or olive-oil to produce extracts of different types and concentrations.

Prepare an Extract by Yourself

Soak a tablespoon of dried calendula flowers in about 16 oz of water. Let it stay untouched for fifteen minutes and strain it after. Dip a clean fabric to the extract to make compresses. You may even put in a few drops of neutral skin lotion or face wash before using.
In combination with acne treatment, calendula can treat eczema,dermatitis and surgical wounds. Also the remedial use of calendula has history of eight centuries. In conclusion, it is really an affordable and uncomplicated acne medicine to take care of your skin.

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