Acne And Blood Type Diet

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Acne And The Blood Type Diet

Are you aware about Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s radical Blood Type Diet? The concept behind this solution for acne is actually based on a many reasons.
According to Dr. A’damo, -who has been following dietary and nutritional methods used by experienced dietitians down the ages-the adage of “we are what we eat” is as relevant today as it was millenniums ago.
The ancients understood everything about diets. They knew which foods will keep body healthy and fit. Which means that these people knew everything regarding healthy diet which may not just detoxify the body, but also improve the physiological functions.

Basic Information About Blood Type Diet

People have been changing their eating based on conditions, and accessibility to food. 20,000 years back people began to farm rather than being hunters. For this reason farmers started to consume foods like cereals, vegetables and fruits, while hunters ate more meat, fish and a high-protein food.dairy-products

Hunters were supposedly of “O” blood group while the farmers supposedly belonged to the “A” blood group. One more blood group is called “B”. It was envolved in Asia and Africa where everyone was farmers and they ate a great amount of dairy foods. Persons who belong to this blood group tolerate dairy products easier compared to people who belnog to other blood groups.

Blood Type &  Acne Outbreak

In every blood type diet you will find some foods that are beneficial and healing. Those foods are ideal to a individuals genetic inheritance and that are ideal for his or her body. At the same time, there are numerous foods that certainly will cause harm to body.

Imagaine that you belong to “O” blood group. This type of group is the high-protein meat eaters. If you decide to try a vegetarian diet, your entire body will respond in a negative way. This response is a result of proteins found in food.

Proteins are known as lectins. These lectins will help you stay healthy as long as you eat plenty of meat. When you begin eat a vegetarian food and eliminate the meat the lectins will have a bad impact on your blood, certain organ or on your entire body system.

On the other hand, you don’t need to stress about these lectins because they aren’t really dangerous. 98% of lectins are taken from your body by normal removal processes.

However, this particular diet will change your health. Which consequently will affect on your skin. For this reason you may have acne.ready_to_eat

At this point picture that you’re a type A with a vegetarian and seafood genetic inheritance. You flourish by eating grains, legumes, seafood, vegetables and fruit. Meat, wheat and milk products are certainly not good for you. But if you eat a lot of meat it is likely to effect body’s bio- physiological processes. Many times you may struggle with acne. Which means you have to eat  by blood type diet.

There are also a combination of type “A” and “B” group. It is called “AB” . Type “AB” blood is very rare. It have five 5% of the population. And it is the newest of the blood types.

Hi, everybody! I was always curious about health issues, so I started doing my own little researches. I want to share what I learned with you guys. Hope you'll like it!

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