Acne Alternative Treatments

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Acne alternatie treatment

Acne Alternative Treatments

 Acne alternative treatments become more and more popular these days than old treatment methods.

You cannot find any accurate number of men and women dealing with with acne. However the sales of medications for acne is on the grow and this shows that there is big number of individuals suffering from acne. Acne is caused by clogging of the oil produced by the skin. This blocking is started by a specific type of bacteria. Almost all remedies and ointments available for acne focus much more on healing the scars. This implies that the bacteria to blame for acne continue to stay there. So consumers started to search for acne alternative treatments. Thousands of acne alternative  treatments mostly attempts to remove the bacteria causing acne.

The most significant benefits with the acne alternative treatments is that they do not cause complications. There are many pure organic herbal combinations which have good track record of curing acne. There is herbal combination made of basil leafs and sandalwood, which is known for reducing acne redness and cooling effect. One of other popular acne alternative treatments is the paste made of strawberry leaves which can help to reduce swelling and inflammation in face. There are several other herbs which can effectively cure acne:

  • Lavender oil – anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  • AloeGel – anti-bacterial and astringent propertiescalendula
  • Tea Tree Oil – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties
  • Calendula – healing property
  • Walnut Leaf – good for skin wash
  • Rosewater – inflammation property
  • Goldenseal – anti-microbial properties
  • Echinacea – inflammation and improves recovery process.

The primary reason for the acne is the deficit of important vitamins required for the skin. Lack of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid may lead to acne. Eating large amount of fruit and vegetables, and also vitamin supplements can heal acne. You can find several treatments of acne in naturopathy. Herbs, skin cleansers and vitamins are the main solutions for acne cure in naturopathy. Another benefit of acne alternative treatment is because they are less expensive.

Acne light treatment is brand new acne alternative treatment. In this method ultraviolet rays are used to clear the acne.
Other form of treatments, some of the alternative  treatment requires strict following of the regiment. It is smart to consider specialist viewpoint before choosing for any of the acne alternative treatments.

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