Adult Acne

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Adult Acne

Acne breakouts are usually considered to be a teenage problem, and while it is a fact that acne appears in most cases over the teen years, it is probably just as true that there are a increasing number of people who suffer from adult acne. Adults in their twenties, all the way up to their fifties can still experience acne flare-ups.

Adult acne could have just as many undesirable effects on a person as teenage acne. Perhaps even more so, since the stress of career and family increases the tension of living by having an unpleasant skin problem.

Psychological stress generally is one of the main factors that cause acne in adults. It’s not at all a surprise at all that women are generally more likely to have problems with adult acne compared to men, because it is proven that women have much more emotional stress in their everyday life, not forgetting that they are more prone to hormonal changes, particularly during times like their menstrual period or pregnancy. Just as for teenagers, hormones play a significant role in the development and flare-up of adult acne.

The surrounding factors like individual’s living environment, combined together with the person’s lifestyle can also play an important role in the appearance of adult acne. An unbalanced diet plan or habits like smoking or drinking alcohol influence the skin’s condition and ability to resist acne, together with other diseases.

Prevention is definitely the only clear way to go while confronting adult acne. The right diet, followed by plenty of drinking water and rest is an excellent start. Attempting to eliminate stress and keeping proper skin care and hygiene can also help to prevent yourself from acne flare-ups.

But how about the acne breakouts that you might already have? There are many different treatment methods available for people who have adult acne.

Specific cosmetic products, anti-acne medications, or even laser surgery are only a few of the many treatments for acne available today. Visiting a professional dermatologist or doctor is definitely the best way to find out how severe your acne actually is and to find the proper treatment for your case.


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